The Stone Soup Company, Tampa FL | Merchant Profile

An award winning concept that has taken a stronghold on the Tampa area, The Stone Soup Company has enveloped the best of the best when it comes to home cooked meals. Owner Ilya Goldberg has pushed the best of the best to the forefront with his top notch options, and it has translated into shipping delicious options like his Cuban Sandwiches as far as Hawaii for people to indulge in. The widespread notoriety speaks for itself, the fresh and qualitative options hit the nail on the head quite remarkably, and above all else, the location has something for everyone. Stopping in guarantees a memorable time spent and is perfect for any outing while in the Tampa area. The Cuban Sandwiches are obviously where the restaurant shines the most, the award winning sandwich is the sole reason The Stone Soup Company has expanded to delivering nationwide. Garnering the award for the Cuban Sandwich Hall of Fame, the sandwich simply takes it to the next level when providing a rich, flavorful, and authentic experience. The Ex Wifeís Pasta also comes in high regard, crafted with gyro meat or chicken, linguini, and veggies, definitely a dish that is held to a higher standard. The entrees are nothing short of impressive and certainly provide something for everyone. The soups are obviously what makes the place so special, all are made fresh, in house, daily. The Pho is an option held in high regard, a Vietnamese style dish comprised of a large portion of seafood in a healthy fashion, that allows guests to choose the level of heat from mild to Stone Soups signature, Nuclear. To bring it all full circle, the location houses fifty different beer options for customers to enjoy, they also have milkshakes, Mexican Colas with real sugar cane, as well as Cuban Coffee. The ability to go above and beyond is what has separated The Stone Soup Company from the competition, making them a top choice while visiting the area.

1517 E 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605