The Tea Cafe, New Cumberland PA | Merchant Profile

The Tea Cafe at Oxford Hall Celtic Shop is a totally unique and authentic English and Irish dining and shopping experience. The owners, Cindy and Steve Washburn, explained that they try to make it as authentic as can be. The cafe is located inside the 2,000 square foot store that sells Irish letters, British foods, imported tea, jewelry, wedding bands – you name it. ìWe pride ourselves in helping people truly have a cultural experience,î explained Cindy. ìWe love the fact that we get to participate and help people celebrate what makes this particular culture unique.îOne example of this cultural experience was when Cindy noticed a customer sitting at the table with her eyes closed. Cindy was worried something was wrong and approached the woman, but the customer said to Cindy that she has transported her home. The customer missed her home in England horribly, and while sitting in The Tea Cafe, munching on sausage rolls and listening to the cultural music, all she has to do is close her eyes and she feels like she is back in England.The Tea Cafe serves the type of tea you would find every day in the pubs and tearooms in Britain and Ireland. The Tea Cafe accompanies the teas with true British scones and delicious finger sandwiches. Cindy said it is not unusual for people to enjoy themselves for hours at The Tea Cafe while connecting with friends and family. The sausage rolls, Scotch eggs, meat pies, chicken salad and egg salad are all highly popular. In the winter The Tea Cafe offers interesting British and Irish soups and stews, and in the summer they craft bright salads. Everything is made in house, including the vegetable and chicken broth for the soups. Most of the ingredients are farm to table as well!

233 Bridge St
New Cumberland, PA 17070