The Victoria Freehouse, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Cozily niched in the historic Olde City in Philadelphia, The Victoria Freehouse has enveloped classic British dishes while holding them to a higher standard. Owner Edward Strojan has learned the industry from top to bottom and has used his passion as a means to drive the restaurant to greater heights. Putting great stress on quality, consistency and hospitality, Edward uses his passion to drive his dishes to a new level, and does so seamlessly time after time. From top to bottom the restaurant has garnered widespread attention from locals to visitors alike for the sheer uniqueness and the close attention to detail that is paid. From the beer to the food, everything is top notch, and the relaxing ambiance brings everything full circle to provide an excellent outing no matter the instance. Fusing old with new, The Victoria Freehouse has something for everyone and is sure to adhere to all palates no matter the instance. The classics always impress, the traditional options include dishes like The Bangers and Mash, crafted with roasted port wine sausages, clotted cream mustard mash, and red wine onion gravy. For starters, the Tikka Pizza is also another option that comes widely favored, made with crispy flatbread, masala sauce, curried onions, cheddar, and cilantro oil. Of course, the Shepherd’s Pie is an option that is a household name, offering a delicious vegetarian option that doesn’t sacrifice in flavor as well as the classic option made with Lamb.To bring it all together, the drink program provides a vast selection that is sure to provide something to pair well with each meal. With twelve taps constantly running, the location always provides fresh options as well as fifty different bottles that are heavily geared towards British classic. Options include Newcastle, Williams Brothers, and Yards to name a few. The cocktails are also worth trying, the signature options made with fresh ingredients that allow for a drink that is rich and flavorful. Above all else, the restaurant aims to please and the warm and welcoming atmosphere encapsulates this perfectly, making it a muset for any outing.

10 S Front St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106