The Vinyl Pi, Huntersville NC | Merchant Profile

Providing an environment that fosters musical creativity while serving quality menu items is the Vinyl Piís forte, and the rapid success they have gained in the past two years can attest to that. The notoriety of providing an intimate, entertaining, and interactive experience with great food, has kept the Huntersville area buzzing about what the menu with a venue is all about. Lindsay Dobson, Matt Dobson, Brian Faye, Ian Snelleman, and their team, have prioritized delivering fresh ingredients, great foods, and a quality experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. It is crucial that they go the extra mile and that is very prevalent upon walking in and experiencing what The Vinyl Pi has to offer. One of the Ownerís, Matt, plays over twenty instruments and has adorned the restaurant with some of his own from home, lending a genuine ambiance to the location. The restaurant pays respect to all of the musical greats that have had an impact on the industry throughout time. The Grateful Dead have their own booth as well as ones solely dedicated to Country, Reggae, 70ís, and 90ís music, among many others. Although it is Rock and Roll themed, The Vinyl Pi made it a priority to pay homage to all of the greats in the past century. If the experience itself wasn’t enough to want to stop in, the food raises the bar as well. The Vinyl Pi started off as a pizza place but has revamped its menu, branching off into many other dishes, all of which people come back for again and again. Their Fried Brussel Sprouts are raved about, served with cherry peppers, lemon wedges, and season salt. Another house specialty is their wings, which can be ordered mild, hot, bbq, parmesan garlic, Jamaican jerk, or citrus ginger, among others. All of their dishes are named after an album, artist, or song that have had a great impact on the music industry that we know today. All of their pizzas are made to order, with fresh dough, which may take a little longer to make, but can give the customer confidence they are receiving the best quality possible. The Vedder is a pizza worth trying, comprised of shaved pork, pickled onions, cilantro, and hoison sweet chili sauce. Another pie that is sure to satisfy, The Moe, is made with marinated roast chicken, Frankís Red Hot, mozzarella, and blue cheese crumbles. The customers also have the option to build their own pizza, and can be confident that all the meats are hormone free, and grass fed, a top priority of The Vinyl Pi. The entertainment is where the establishment shines the most, hosting live music Friday and Saturday night, for Sunday Brunch, as well as open mic night every Monday. Supporting local artists is important to the owners and their lineup is consistent with quality music acts. For open mic night, the guys from the band Simplified come in to host the show, offering their talents as backup if any vocalist needs it. The music is what really brings the whole experience full circle and sets The Vinyl Pi apart from every other restaurant nearby.The restaurant sports a full bar with sixteen taps, constantly rotating their craft beer, and serving signature cocktails that use fresh squeezed mixers. Real ingredients are important to the team, and the customers appreciate it as well. Parties can be comfortably hosted if needed, providing a range of different experiences to cater to anyoneís needs. They have complimentary valet and are always trying to expand and make their service the best that it can be. Located at 15906 Old Statesville Road, it is definitely worth stopping in and enjoying the musical experience.

15906 Old Statesville Rd.
Huntersville, NC 28078