The Wicked Hop, Milwaukee IL | Merchant Profile

Carrying a vast history of the third ward, The Wicked Hop encompasses the down home vibe of Milwaukee and takes it to the next level, taking a touch of old and fusing it with the new. The cornerstone to the area takes a true nostalgia and puts a genuine experience to the forefront, making it a household name to locals and visitors alike. Owners and step brothers Miles OíNeil and Andy OíNeill hold their concept to a higher standard and their honest and trustworthy efforts are nothing short of impressive with their longstanding endeavor of Wicked Hop. The building has been standing since 1875 and is one of the two buildings that has lasted the test of time, providing a true historical experience paired with a culinary powerhouse. Otherwise known as ìThe House that Bruce OíNeil built,î the restaurant carries a legacy and pays homage to the man that began it all. Just passing away September 3rd due to a long term battle with ALS, Bruceís heart and drive fuels this Milwaukee gem, and that tenacity continues forth with his two sons Miles and Andy. The family orientation is prevalent throughout the whole business from top to bottom, and Bruceís memory will always be attributed to exactly that. He gave his two sons a chance thirteen years ago and although people doubted the ability to succeed, he saw the heart and passion that has translated into now what is known as The Wicked Hop. The quality and consistency that the restaurant provides takes Milwaukee dining to the next level, providing an elevated, higher quality experience in an unpretentious manner. In what would be described as ìpub food with an edge,î Miles, Andy, and their team take classic dishes and raise the bar, always seeking to add a little zest to their already highly regarded menu. The Footlong Grilled Cheese is exactly what it sounds like, taking a nationwide beloved staple and turning it into exactly what everyone wants of it, more. The Bloody Maryís  are where the location really shines, widely notorious, and can somewhat be considered an artform with their quality and presentation. The drinks are crafted with Coldwater Shrimp, the Bloody mary is also topped with an Old Wisconsin Beef Stick, an MKE Dill Pickle, Mozzarella Whips, and a Spanish Green Olive.No matter the situation, locals will always say The Wicked Hop is a must for all visitors. The environment is warm, welcoming, and honest. The dishes rival just that, making everything fresh and stressing importance on the quality and consistency. The team at the restaurant are always seeking to make customers feel as guests and do so flawlessly, promising a memorable experience with each visit.

345 N Broadway
Milwaukee, IL 53202