TIA’S AUTHENTIC LATIN FOOD, Largo FL | Merchant Profile

Located in Largo, Florida, Tiaís Authentic Latin Food is an award winning family owned business that has reached great success in the past few years. Beginning as a gift to Susana Gonzalez from her family, it was always a dream of hers when she was younger to own and run a restaurant. Since then, it has become a staple in the community, and people from all parts of the country are making it a point to come visit and give it a try for themselves. Thanks in part to their famous Cuban Sandwich, and their amazing team running the restaurant, Tia’s Authentic Latin Food holds the award for best Cuban Sandwich in the World.The Gonzalez family does not take any shortcuts when it comes to making their food. One of the biggest priorities is to freshly prepare the food themselves and not take the easy way out. Some restaurants will use cheap imitations using cold cuts, but it is believed that you cannot have the best Cuban Sandwich taking short cuts. The restaurant prepares the pork themselves, adding seasonings and roasting it to perfection. Tiaís always makes sure to use the best quality ingredients in all of their items. They use quality ham and genoa salami for the sandwich as well as high quality swiss, pickle,and  mustard.Although well known for their Cuban sandwich, Tiaís is also known for their Skirt Steaks and Roast Pork. Also, the restaurant serves Fresh Salads, Baked Chicken, and Tilapia. Other items that are worth trying are the Picadillo, which is a seasoned ground beef, browned with house seasoning, as well as the Shrimp and Oxtail. No matter what your taste is, Tiaís offers something that you will walk out being happy with. At 7177 Ulmerton Road, Tiaís is a must visit while in the area. With a welcoming staff and a comfortable atmosphere, thereís a wide range of authentic food to give a try. Keep in mind it is not uncommon to return multiple times, as Tiaís Authentic Latin Food tends to have that effect on everyone who visits once.

7177 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33771