Tinto, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Tinto is a unique restaurant that serves authentic Spanish and French cuisine. They focus on the regions of Northeastern Spain and Southern France where they are known for their small plates, finger sandwiches, skewers, and delicious wines. Jose Garces, who is a renowned chef, owns and operates Tinto along with over a dozen other restaurants across the country. Chef Garces has won the coveted title of Iron Chef, was named ìBest Chef, Mid-Atlanticî by the James Beard Foundation, and is the author of two cookbooks as well. He brings his amazing skills and expertise to Tinto creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience that is composed of authentic tapas and elegant dishes. The menu is full of exotic and handcrafted meals that can please anyoneís appetite. One of the most popular dishes is the IbÈrico Secreto that is made with IbÈrico Pork Secreto, royal trumpet mushroom, piquillo puree, and cider pork jus. The pork is extremely tender and has a deep, nutty complex flavor because the pig is raised on a strict acorn-only diet. If you canít decide on what to order you can utilize the restaurantís tasting menu where the chef will create a whole meal for you to try. Tinto also has a full bar stocked with a delicious array of drinks. They have a small cocktail menu, but their main focus is on Basque wines and hard ciders that derive from Spain. They also feature a few bottles of wine found in Southern France to compliment their French cuisine. The restaurant has a couple different dining spaces that all host an intimate atmosphere. The staff is professional and provides great service to each and every customer while being friendly and personable. Overall, Tinto is the perfect place to experience interesting, extraordinary food that is prepared by fantastic chefs. Everything is bursting with flavor and will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Philadelphia, PA 19103