TL’s Four Seasons Chinese & Japanese Restaurant, Bartlett IL | Merchant Profile

TLís Four Seasons Chinese & Japanese Restaurant is located at 110 West Bartlett Avenue in Bartlett. Owner Shawn Li is proud of the quality of the cuisine served in the restaurant. The restaurant has a very unusual element. It has two exceptionally accomplished head chefs. The Chinese Chef cooked for many years in one of China’s finest hotels. The Japanese Chef has spent nearly his whole life behind a sushi bar. He hails from a family of prominent sushi chefs. When the restaurant was being conceptualized, Shawn made the decision to stick with authentic versions of Asian cuisine. While serving the Americanized version would ensure heíd make a living, he chose the riskier path and decided to go authentic. Shawn explains there are five key elements to traditional Chinese cooking. They are: temperature, taste, color, aroma, and plating. Consistency is the key to successfully cooking. The exact same procedures are completed in the exact same order to ensure consistency. Dishes like the Dry Chili Chicken with diced chicken, wok fried crisp with blackened chilies, roasted garlic, scallion, sichuan peppercorn, and house made chili oils, are so complex, other restaurants donít even know how to prepare them properly.  Popular Japanese entrees include the Spider Roll, with fried whale size soft shell crab, cucumber, and avocado. Also, Salmon Teriyaki, grilled salmon with japanese teriyaki sauce. Signature Rolls include the Chicago Fire Roll, with riceless tempura fried spicy tuna with sesame chili oil and vinegar-ponzu sauce. Also, TLís Sakura Roll, crabmeat, shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, and cucumber, topped with baked japanese mayo. Shawn tells us they cut no corners in the restaurant. He could save money by using inferior ingredients, but refuses to skimp on quality. They use only premium rice, only the finest and freshest meat, fish, and vegetables are used to ensure the highest quality. Everything in the restaurant is made in-house from scratch. They grind and marinate all their own meat and make their own sauces. The restaurant features a full bar and offers delivery and take-out service. If you are in Bartlett and looking for a fabulous dining experience drop by TLís Four Seasons Chinese & Japanese Restaurant. Let Shawn, his award winning Chefs, and staff welcome you for an exciting dining experience.   

110 W Bartlett Ave
Bartlett, IL 60103