Tokyo Tapas, Oviedo FL | Merchant Profile

Dennis and Jim Chung grew up working at different restaurants throughout high school and college. Dennis, who initially went to school to become a podiatrist, was convinced by his brother Jim to go in a different direction. After graduation Dennis and Jim wrangled up all the money they could and opened up their own restaurant, Tokyo Tapas. Tokyo Tapas has been open for three years now and has gained a reputation for delicious and creative dishes. The first year of opening really challenged the brothers to push the envelope and brought out their personalities and passion. Both Jim and Dennis enjoy staying healthy and fit so they try and translate that to the food they serve at Tokyo Tapas. At Tokyo Tapas they use simple, healthy ingredients that they wouldnít object to feeding their own families. They are sure to steer clear of unhealthy ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, shortenings, food coloring, and monosodium glutamate, which is often used to enhance flavor. Instead, Tokyo Tapas focuses on making their food and sauces in-house and from scratch. Tokyo Tapas is a quick-service restaurant that offers hibachi, sushi, and tapas. They receive two to three small shipments of fish and other ingredients every week to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. What makes Tokyo Tapas unique is the fact that they use Spanish ingredients and influences in their tapas dishes like cilantro and garlic.Beer, wine, and sake are also available to compliment Tokyo Tapasí great food. There are lunch and dinner specials daily, for example on Tuesdays they feature a $6.95 hibachi special that canít be beat and Sundays children eat free! Be sure to stop by Tokyo Tapas for a great time and even better meal!

1813 E Broadway St
Oviedo, FL 32765