Touch of India, Birmingham MI | Merchant Profile

Deriving their concept from a true, authentic standpoint, Touch of India inherits the best of the best when it comes to quality, consistency, and presentation. In doing so, their success can be attributed to their efforts in never cutting corners, and above all else, putting a top notch experience to the forefront. The ingredients are fresh, and the dishes are made to order, ensuring a tried and true Indian dish with regularity. Khan and his team pride themselves on providing a warm, welcoming, and attentive service, and do so to the highest degree. Customers are treated as guests, and the food provides a nostalgia of a home cooked meal, making it a top choice while visiting the Birmingham area.Each dish hits the nail on the head, from savory to spicy, Touch of India certainly has something to adhere to all palates. The passion that the team at the restaurant carries, really drives the cuisine to greater heights and provides fantastic options to indulge in. The Chicken Tandoori is a top option worth trying, comprised of a chicken leg marinated in yogurt, garlic and spices, and then baked in a clay oven. The location also offers vegetarian options like the Malai Kofta, which doesn’t sacrifice in flavor by any means. The dish is crafted with minced fresh vegetable balls cooked in a rich gravy and then mildly spiced.Chef Daniel has refined his craft and really presents the Indian cuisine in the best way possible. The family oriented experience brings everything full circle, and the team at the restaurant are in a league of their own when it comes to a hospitable experience. Stopping in certainly becomes a must while in the area, and the willingness to provide something genuine, trustworthy, and honest, is what makes Touch of India a special location to dine in.

297 E Maple Rd.
Birmingham, MI 48009