Town Cafe, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Bringing an eclectic menu to San Jose, Town Cafe has provided new options of Asian Fusion as well as unique forms of tea and coffee. General Manager Minh and her team have prided themselves on setting the bar high and offering a brand of food that most people in the states don’t have access to. The family at Town Cafe provide an experience like no other, and the welcoming and fun environment encomasses the genuine vibe that Minh and her family have to offer. Stopping in to give the cuisine a try is certainly worth the visit whether you are new to the idea or an experienced veteran. Town Cafe specializes in Vietnamese Street Food, offering affordable menu items that are rich in flavor and lend an idea as to what the culture represents. The Pha Lau is a popular item, comprised of Pork, Beef, and various intestines including Stomach and Liver, served with Bahn Mi. The unique dish is as authentic as it comes and is prepared in a curry style, meshing all of the flavors together. They also offer original Beef Ramen, made with Filet Mignon, Egg, Kimchi, Bean Sprout and Sesame with the option on making it Mild, Medium, or Spicy. The Sizzling Beef Combo is also a fan favorite, made with Sauteed Filet Mignon, Egg, Sausage, Salad, and Tomato.The drinks are where the Cafe shines the most, bringing customers back in time after time. The Tiramisu Milk Tea Special is a popular item, a Boba style drink that has a rich coffee taste. Another Milk Tea worth trying, The Roasted Melon Special, is made with the House Special Milk Tea, Grass Jelly, Crystal Boba, and Sea Crema. For the more traditional customer, Town Cafe also offers Jasmine Green, a Green Tea infused with Jasmine Blossoms. Of the various Boba options, Town Cafe has something to offer for everyone. The desserts are also delicious, offering a Dessert Bowl that is made of four different types of Flan, mixed with Ice and Coffee Syrup. The item is different than what would normally be seen in the states, but provides a familiar, yet interesting and flavorful combination. Snacks are also a specialty at Town Cafe, offering options such as Cheddar Cheese French Fries, Chicken Wings, and Fish Tofu among many others.  The welcoming environment is reason enough to stop into Town Cafe, and the menu items bring everything full circle. Giving the menu a try will certainly be a memorable and enjoyable experience, making Town Cafe a must try while in the area.

301 E Santa Clara St.
San Jose, CA 95133