Tozi Korean BBQ, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

When the opportunity presented itself to open a restaurant close to downtown Chicago in a great area, Derrick jumped at the chance and Tozi Korean BBQ was born. The word tozi actually means earth and land so in context for the restaurant, it represents going back to their roots using simple, hearty ingredients to create traditional Korean food. Tozi is a Tabletop Korean BBQ restaurant where customers can actually cook their own food to watch their ingredients and flavors come to life. The chefs at Tozi Korean BBQ imagined and created all of the dishes you can find on their menu. They focus on traditional Korean ingredients and recipes to ensure their cuisine is as authentic as possible. Some popular dishes include Toziís prime beef, spicy bbq rib eye, pork belly, and kimchi-fried rice. Their spicy stir-fried chicken is many customersí favorite because those who have been to Korea say it perfectly embodies the flavors and ingredients used in Korean food.Tozi Korean BBQ is also happy to accommodate their customersí individual needs. For example, you can substitute a dish to be gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian upon request. Derrick stresses that their menu and chefs are very flexible to ensure the happiness of their guests. Tozi Korean BBQ also offers a full bar stocked with different beers, wines, whiskeys, and sakes for customers to try. 

1265 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622