Trattoria Totaro, Conshohocken PA | Merchant Profile

Vinny Totaro grew up in the restaurant business. His parents and uncles owned bars and restaurants, and Vinny cooked in all of them. In 1985, Vinny saw potential in the growth and development of the Conshohocken area, and wanted to open a restaurant of his own. Vinnyís father told him it would never happen, but Vinny had faith that the area would come alive and people would want restaurants. Vinny got more experience in the industry by working under different popular chefs, but left the restaurant business in 1989 and said he was never getting back in. Then, Vinny met his wife Donna and got married in 1992. They both decided to open a restaurant in April of 1993, and established Trattoria Totaro. Within a year they bought the property next door, where they both currently live. Over the years, Trattoria Totaro has had expansions and remodels, one being their gorgeous dining room. One of the most popular items at Trattoria Totaro is the Grilled Vegetable Lasagna. Vinny explained that it came about when some young women wanted to host their graduation party at the restaurant, but had special dietary needs. Vinny remembers handing off the project to Donna, when in reality Vinny came up with a menu he completely forgot about. A few months went by and the graduation celebration was upon him, and Vinny saw ìGrilled Vegetable Lasagnaî and asked Donna what it was. Donna laughed and told Vinnie that he actually came up with it! Vinny put something together the best he could based on the description he gave. It was a hit at the party, and on Trattoria Totaroís menu four days later! It is now one of their most popular dishes. Vinny starts with a little bit of marinara sauce, a piece of grilled eggplant, then a risotto made with sweet potatoes, cream, cheese, and marinara. Then he tops that with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, more risotto, grilled asparagus, portabella mushroom, two different types of cheese, and lastly more marinara. It was an instant success. The Veal Chop is also delicious, served with asparagus and a potato cake. This is not any potato cake; it is alternating red potato and sweet potato, with a little bit of cheese placed in between each layer. Then they pour a mixture of egg, cream, and herbs, that soak through each layer of the cake. When it bakes, the egg mixture binds the cake together, and then it is cut up and served under the veal chop with a delicious wild mushroom peppercorn sauce. There is a lot to love at Trattoria Totaro, especially the fact that they are BYOB! Each dish comes with Vinnyís guarantee: ìIf you come here and you donít love it, Iíll eat it and you can get something else!î

639 Spring Mill Ave
Conshohocken, PA 19462