Tria, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Tria in Philadelphia opened in 2004. John is the founder, and brought his partner Michael on shortly after. John is a restaurateur and beer expert, since before craft beer was cool. Michaelís background is in fine dining and he is a wine sommelier by trade. Tria is ìPhillyís hangout for wine, cheese, and beer lovers.î The name stems from this fermentation trio. They strive to put wine and beer on an equal playing field of casual and classy. Tria is in an ideal location, with a lot of other activities around, making it a great spot to stop in for a small plate and a drink before your Philly adventures. Tria has a European style menu, with tapas, paninis, and sandwiches. Michael recommends the Truffle Egg Toast, a classic which has been on the menu since the start. It is toasted brioche topped with melted fontina cheese, baby arugula, and a cracked egg; the egg melts with warmth of the cheese and the brioche. Many customers love it so much they come back again and again just for that and order two of them. Their menu changes seasonally in order to use the freshest ingredients. They have a variety of healthy and vegetarian options. Michael says the key to success is the level of staff training and focus on great service. It is the experience that keeps bringing people back. They always serve high quality, authentic products at affordable prices. People can dine affordably and still have a high end experience. Tria is open from noon to late night seven days a week. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. Check it out for high end drinks, food, and service, for a great price!

123 S 18th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103