Trini & Carmen’s, Waterford MI | Merchant Profile

Trini & Carmenís is one of Waterford, Michiganís cornerstone restaurants serving delicious Mexican cuisine since 1976. The two actually started as separate establishments, Triniís Bar and Carmenís restaurant, but decided to merge together to become one. It has been family-owned and operated since the beginning, using old family recipes that derive straight from Mexico. The restaurant is very involved in the community and prides themselves on providing many kids with their first jobs. As a result, Trini & Carmenís has gained a great reputation within the community. It doesnít hurt that the restaurant also serves amazing food that people just canít get enough of!  Trini & Carmenís recipes are unmatched by anyone else. Their food is authentic, full of flavor, and always fresh. They always make sure to buy the highest-quality ingredients available and make their own chips, salsas, and guacamole fresh every day. Nothing is canned or frozen because itís very apparent the difference and great flavors that fresh food provides. The enchiladas, nachos, and tacos are all fan favorites at Trini & Carmenís. They make great burritos and quesadillas too! Of course, they make delicious drinks as well. The margarita is definitely one of the most popular choices served frozen or on the rocks! The service is attentive and friendly and they make sure to get your meals out quick. Trini & Carmenís even features a happy hour where customers can find great deals and discounted drinks. If you have a group of eight or more you may also make a reservation to ensure you get a table! The next time youíre in Waterford and craving an amazing, authentic Mexican meal, look no further than Trini & Carmenís!

1715 N Telegraph Rd
Waterford, MI 48328