Triumph Brewing Company, New Hope PA | Merchant Profile

Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope, Pennsylvania opened 13 years ago. This is their second location. The original opened in Princeton 20 years ago, and they are opening a third location in early 2017. The New Hope location is ideal for tourism and families. It is on the track of the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, and right near the Childrenís museum and other great sightseeing locations. General manager, Patrick Coll, has been with the company for 3 years. Patrick says that what keeps people coming back to Triumph Brewing Company is the hand crafted beer and food, and a dining experience that is unique to the area.Beer is the main attraction at Triumph Brewing Company. They stick to the traditional four ingredients: water, yeast, malt, and hops. They have high standards for the beer they serve. They donít bottle or can their beers for distribution; the only way to drink their beer is as fresh as possible. The beer goes straight from the tank to the tap. When it comes to picking your beer, the staff focuses on matching the beer to the person rather than the dish. They are totally well versed in beer styles and flavors in order to help you pick your perfect brew. The menu contains all of your bar favorites. They make everything from scratch using local and sustainable ingredients. Their nachos are top notch. Donít expect typical nacho cheese; they serve their generously portioned nachos with queso fresco, amber ale fondue, adobo pulled pork, black beans, roasted corn, and fresh guacamole. Customers also love to build a burger. Their burgers and cooked to temperature, and come with your choice of numerous toppings. Patrick also recommends a hidden gem on the menu, the vegetarian sandwich, with Seven Sisters cheese, pickled beets, and pickled onions. Even as a meat lover, itís one of his favorites.Triumph Brewing Company has a very active nightlife environment. Monday and Wednesday nights are their Texas Holdíem poker nights. They have a tournament set up in their upstairs dining room, and offer a $200 cash prize. Their Thursday trivia nights have as many as 25 teams sign up and they have more awesome prizes. For lovers of live music and local bands, check out Triumph Brewing Company on any Friday and Saturday at 10 PM, where you can catch some original live music. Triumph Brewing Company is great for groups; their large dining area can hold 268 people. They also have patio seating available when weather permits. Come to Triumph Brewing Company for great food, a cold beer, and a fun time!

400 Union Square Drive
New Hope, PA 18938