Tropical Chinese Restaurant, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

Tropical Chinese Restaurant has been creating delicious Chinese fare for the Miami area for 32 years. The original owners came straight from Taiwan, and now their children run the establishment. Mei, the general Manager, explained that everyone at Tropical Chinese Restaurant act like one big family. They have always taken great care of their customers and employees.The ëPeking Duckí is Tropical Chinese Restaurantís most popular item. A fresh whole Long Island duck is roasted to perfection and served in two courses. In the first course, the duckís skin is carved and wrapped tableside in a steamed pancake with scallions and cucumber. Then, the duck is returned to the kitchen and the chef carves the remaining duck for the second course; the duck meat is then sauteed with vegetables in a wok. The ëEmperorís Prawní is another popular item; prawns glazed with sweet Grand Marnier sauce and topped with fresh peanuts served over broccoli. Tropical Chinese Restaurant offers catering and carryout.

7991 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33155