Twenty Twenty Grille, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

The lovely couple Ron and Rhonda Weisheit met in Maine. Ron, a Florida native, made Rhonda promise him that eventually they would move down to Florida. Ron and Rhonda are both trained in the culinary arts. Since Rhonda was not ready to leave the north just then, they opened up their first business together in Massachusetts; a bake shop by day and an intimate fine dining setting at night. Rhonda and Ron are parents to two beautiful girls, and they decided to move to Boca Raton just before their daughters started school.When they first arrived in Boca, they decided they would work for other people to figure out if they wanted to stay. They fell in love with the city and opened their very own restaurant in 2013.TwentyTwenty Grille offers American contemporary cuisine. Their customers love their eclectic menu – they know Ron will put flavors together you will not find anywhere else. The menu changes every eight weeks, and everyone gets excited waiting for the next menu to come out. Everything is made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients and organic whenever possible.On the Winter Menu, the ëSilver Oak Brined New Zealand Lamb Rackí is extremely popular. Served with homemade gnocchi and Ronís own demi-glaze, it is a one of a kind dish. Customers rave about ëHouse Smoked Seafood Sausageí, smoked and stuffed by Ron himself and served with sweet potato, apricot mango preserve, and Thai chili pesto. At TwentyTwenty Grille, you will always see a lot of interaction between Chef Ron, Rhonda, guests and the servers. Everyone is invested in TwentyTwenty Grille, including their guests! Rhonda explained that they always try to listen to their guests and respond to their needs. For example, TwentyTwenty Grille has grown their wine list to around 50 different wines from different regions recommended by their customers.Visit TwentyTwenty Grille to experience for yourself the number one restaurant in Boca Raton on TripAdvisor!

141 Via Naranjas #45
Boca Raton, FL 33432