Twisted Tavern, Ferndale MI | Merchant Profile

The Twisted Tavern is an 11,000 sq ft facility, combining a dance club and scratch kitchen dining experience next door. This is a restaurant that caters to individuals searching for fresh ënever frození food in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Music fanatic Mark and his partner pursued a dream and created Twisted Tavern.The restaurant side of Twisted Tavern contains a ëscratch kitchen,í which means all meals are made from the freshest ingredients, never frozen or processed. The menu offers traditional ëtavern-esqueí dishes such as hamburgers made from prime beef, mac and cheese with three different types of Italian meat, and a side dish of brussel sprouts, which are a crowd favorite. Happy hour is also offered from 4:30 to 6:30 most days where customers can order great dishes, craft cocktails, and local Michigan beers all for a reasonable price.It is clear Mark took great care into the sleek and modern interior design of the restaurant. The front of Twisted Tavern features a triple sliding door wall that opens the restaurant up to an outdoor dining experience on warm days. The Twisted Tavern is a truly unique experience that offers outstanding food to customers with the highest of dining standards.

22901 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220