TWO, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

TWO, established by Yamandu Perez and his long time friend and business partner opened about three and a half years ago and has become one of the most highly rated restaurants in Chicago. Yamandu explained that it took quite a while to come up with a name for the restaurant. They wanted something that did not tell you anything about the food, but rather explained the idea, concept and philosophy. TWO is owned by two guys who knew each other since high school, in their second venture together, and everything inside the restaurant is ìseeing its second life,î as Yamandu put it. TWO stands for second chances. Yamandu started flipping burgers when he was just fourteen years old. He went to school for civil engineering but left that path when the work started to interfere with his morals. The lack of honesty in the field left a bad taste in his mouth, so he decided to go back to restaurants and is grateful for the decision he made.At TWO, between one to ten of their dishes change every week. There has only been one dish that has not changed at all since day one; their signature ëDuck Egg Fettuccineí, made with duck confit, scallions, duck skin cracklins and parmesan. Everything at TWO is made in house by hand – from the sauces and vinaigrettes to the pastas and ricotta. They butcher between one and four whole animals a month – even the bacon is cured and smoked in-house! Yamandu and his partner will be opening another restaurant this summer called Antidote that will be located on 739 N. Wells. Antidote also has the farm-to-fork concept but are taking a whimsical ìif, thenî look on the restaurant industry in Chicago. Antidote will explore what the culinary world would have been like today if Chicago was never influenced by Italian and Irish immigrants, but instead, the French.

1132 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60642