Umi, Winter Park FL | Merchant Profile

Umi Restaurant is a Japanese Fusion sake wine bar that mixes traditional Japanese cuisine with Korean and European tastes. This mix of culinary influences creates unique but modern dishes for those in Winter Park, Central Florida. After 30 plus years of being in the antique business with their son and friend Richard Luciano, ownerís Francois and Suzi Torin opened Umi on February 2nd, 2015 because they wanted to give their friend Stanley the opportunity to create his own food style by using his own skillset. Chef Stanley is the executive chef today at Umi and a critical part of Umiís rare style. At Umi, the goal is go above and beyond when preparing and presenting their food. Manager Richard Luciano explained that one of the major factors that makes this restaurantís preparation process so unique is that they use Robatayaki charcoal when grilling their meats. This charcoal is white oak, dry, kilned charcoal from Japan and is the most traditional way of grilling there. This charcoal heats up to 1000 degrees celsius and instantly sears anything put upon it. This process gives meats a smokey flavor, is completely natural and does not use any additives or chemicals. Aside from the Robatayaki charcoal making Umi unique, their sushi rice is made in a traditional barrel. Everything in the restaurant is ìhouse-madeî and is authentic cuisine. They do have craft beer as well as Japanese imported beer and their dishes are prepared with their wines, beers, and Sakes. Umi is also a supporter of other businesses on the avenue and sells products such as teas from local shops nearby available for purchase.Umi is the only Japanese restaurant on the avenue and has the biggest selection of sake in Winter Park as well. Their location has beautiful walking traffic and Umi has helped to make the South end of the avenue a popular dining destination. By priding itself in the specialization of new cuisine development, Umi goes above and beyond presentation of their dishes by ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing and have a unique flavor only found at Umi restaurant.

525 S. Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789