Vast Kitchen and Bar, Utica MI | Merchant Profile

Vast Kitchen and Bar was established in 2015. The owner Shelly brought the restaurant up from the bottom with her outstanding experience in the restaurant business. She began her career as a waitress and worked her way up to general manager at her previous place of employment. Shelly tried to learn as much as she could about the industry to achieve her dream of opening a restaurant. She is currently attending culinary school to become a sommelier.When eating at Vast Kitchen and Bar, Shelly highly recommends trying the Crab Cakes. Shelly explained they are around 90% crab meat and have an exquisite taste. The seafood is fabulous but they also serve dishes such as Filet Mignon, Classic Vast Cheese Burger, and Parmesan Crusted Chicken. The head chef at Vast Kitchen and Barís has extensive and knowledge in seafood. She worked as a line cook for several years gaining hands-on experience, and spent the following eight years working in some of the best restaurants in the area; Mitchellís Fish Market in Birmingham, Rochester and recently with Ocean Prime in Troy. On the weekends, Shelly recommends making a reservation. The restaurant’s goal is to make the customers happy. Shelly explained how hospitality is very important when working with guests dining at Vast Kitchen and Bar. To experience unique food and excellent service, try Vast Kitchen and Bar in Shelby Township!

52969 Van Dyke Ave
Utica, MI 48316