Via Quadronno, New York City NY | Merchant Profile

Via Quadronno opened on September 9, 1999. The date holds a special purpose. 9 is a lucky number for the owners, so they chose the date with the most 9s in the millennium. They even opened at 9:09 and even their first check came out to $9. The name Via Quadronno is from a street in Milano where Giuseppe Tusi opened  the first ìpaninoteca,î Bar Quadronno, in the 1960ís. The atmosphere is cosy and customer satisfaction is the top priority.Via Quadronno has great food, and they have the titles to prove it. An article in the New York Times awarded them ìbest espresso in Manhattan.î The Whitney Museum across the street claims they have on of the best bolognese in the country, and urges their visitors to check it out. Paninis are the main attraction of the menu, but they also have pasta dishes and larger entrees. Coffee and pastries are another feature. They have a wide selection of beautiful desserts and award winning coffee.The owner says the secret to success at Via Quadronno is going the extra mile and never taking shortcuts. They always choose quality ingredients over cheap or easy to find. An example is their beet sugar, which is used instead of cane sugar. It is not as common or easy to get but it is they key to giving their coffee the perfect amount of sweetness. Via Quadronno is open 7 days a week. They take reservations, and offer takeout and catering. Check it out for food that is always authentic, high quality, and prepared with love!

25 E 73rd St
New York City, NY 10021