Vic & Dean’s Pizzeria Grill, Wayne PA | Merchant Profile

Twin brothers, Vito and Sal Amato, have been working in the restaurant industry since they were in high school. They worked in their fatherís restaurants and pizzerias growing up and fell in love with the craft. After graduating, Vito and Salís father bought them a restaurant to begin operating and learning the management side of the business. Today, Vito and Sal run Vic & Deanís Pizzeria Grill in Wayne, Pennsylvania that they purchased in December of 2015. They have kept the menu and recipes the same since purchasing the restaurant from the original owners in order to continue their work and preserve customer favorites.Vic & Deanís is located in a neighborhood commercial area so they get a good mix of residential and corporate business. The restaurant uses fresh, high quality ingredients to craft each dish. Their Chicken and Steak Cheesesteaks are award-winning and many customersí favorites. The salads are also popular and called ìPizaladsî because they are served with a warm quartered personal size pizza crust of white or wheat dough that is lightly topped with cheese. Of course, the pizzas are also very popular. They deliver within a five-mile radius and have tons of specialty recipes to choose from. Some favorites include the Barbeque Grilled Chicken, Margherita, and Veggie Pizza.All in all, Vic & Deanís Pizzeria Grill is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends alike. Although quaint in size, the restaurant boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere with a friendly and energetic staff. If you donít have time to dine-in they also offer delivery and carryout services. Having only been open for a year, Vito and Sal have much more in store for the future including renovations, a more compact and focused menu, and a possible point system for earning free pizzas. They find their keys to success are consistency, convenience, and quality. So, the next time youíre craving a delicious, Italian meal make sure to stop by Vic & Deanís Pizzeria Grill – you wonít be disappointed!

409 W Wayne Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087