Vientiane Noodle Shop, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Bringing a distinct passion to the forefront, Vientiane Noodle Shop has secured its niche in the Milwaukee area as one of the prime places to visit for authentic Thai and Laotian cuisine. Having been in business since 1998 can attest to the widespread popularity the restaurant has attained. Owners TK and Ounkeo have put their full fledged efforts into Vientiane and the passion they put forth is beyond remarkable. Crafting everything fresh and from scratch, the duo does not cut corners in their efforts and they are always seeking to raise the bar on their already highly regarded concept. Stopping in promises an experience like no other, the food provides a comforting experience paired in an elegant atmosphere, and the team are always seeking to make the customers feel like guests. Crafting everything from the freshest ingredients, Vientiane Noodle Shop ensures a consistent experience time after time. The from scratch kitchen puts the extra effort forth in elevating the experience, and the genuine nature is prevalent with each dish. The Pho noodle soup comes highly regarded, comprised of beef and meatballs, or the combo option made with seafood. The Larp is also a very popular dish to indulge in, a type of meat salad made with pork, beef, or chicken. No matter the instance, the restaurant has something for everyone, and the authentic dishes certainly hit the nail on the head.To bring everything full circle, the restaurant provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and they are successful in doing so from top to bottom. The attentive and meticulous effort they bring to the table allows for an all around elevated concept at Vientiane Noodle Shop. TK uses her passion for food to drive her restaurant, and the everlasting popularity shows her true talents she is able to showcase. The food raises the bar, and the time spent at the restaurant proves a memorable experience time after time, making it a must while in the area.  

3422 W. National Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53215