Villa Castelli, Surfside FL | Merchant Profile

Taking a strong stance on fine dining at heightened level, Villa Castelli has enveloped the best of the best when it comes to ambiance, consistency, and affordability. Owner Ciro Costanzo has held his concept to the highest standard, and in doing so, has provided a newfound success that is steadily gaining popularity. Having been open since february of this year, Ciro and his team have made an impressive impact on the Surfside area, garnering attention from local magazines and people all around the South florida area. Everything from the chairs to the slices of prosciutto is top notch, and Villa Castelli certainly does not lack in any category whatsoever. Stopping in immerses guests into the best of the best and certainly provides for a genuine, memorable experience. The dishes rival the atmosphere to the utmost degree, head Chef Giocchino Sofia has taken the Italian Continental style and meticulously refines it to produce a creativity and richness that comes unrivaled. The Ossobuco Con Risotto Allo Zafferano is a dish that comes widely favored, crafted with a Veal Shank Milanese style. The Tagliata Di Manzo Alla Griglia is a hearty twenty four ounce ribeye, bone in, grilled two times to perfection. All of the pastas are where the location really shines, hand crafted and made in house. Villa Castelli does not cut any corners when it comes to crafting their dishes, and the extra step they take is prevalent in the business from top to bottom. To bring it all full circle, the location houses a full bar for customers to indulge in with all high end liquors. The restaurant simply does not lack in any category and brings something special to the table with this concept. The option to rent the restaurant out for private events is also available, and the staff is sure to provide a warm and hospitable experience. No matter the instance, stopping in proves to be perfect for any outing while in the Surfside area.

9472 Harding Ave.
Surfside, FL 33154