Village Family Restaurant, Canton MI | Merchant Profile

Villiage Family Restaurant is an independently owned restaurant in Canton, Michigan. They specialize in American and Lebanese cuisine. Jessica, the restaurantís owner, started in the industry as a server in her teenage years. She gained many years of experience in hospitality, working front of house, back of house, management, and in hotels. Working in a hotel greatly informed her ability to manage her own restaurant. Village Family Restaurant has a cosy and homey vibe. The small staff is very close-knit and friendly with the community. Jessica says that she likes working in a neighborhood restaurant, because she makes a connection with her customers and has a chance to get to know people.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served at Village Family Restaurant. They provide large portions, using quality ingredients, at affordable prices. Their extensive menu contains breakfast comfort foods like specialty omelettes and pancakes, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, fresh seafood, large entrees, and more. Try a unique dish like the Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Sandwich, made with two eggs, American cheese, and choice of ham or bacon, sandwiched between two slices of cinnamon raisin french toast. A great dinner option is the Meatloaf, with a delicious beef gravy and sautÈed fresh mushrooms smothered onto homemade meatloaf.Village Family Restaurant is kid friendly and offers specials like a free meal for kids on Thursday nights. They are open daily. Stop by for great food and hospitality!

47182 Michigan Ave
Canton, MI 48188