Village Grill, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Jorge Torles is a partner in the Village Grill and has learned the Restaurant business from the bottom up. He began working in eateries at the age of sixteen as a dishwasher. Later on he worked on the prep line and then he learned to cook. Finally on April 5th of 2016 he became the boss. Jorge tells us it was a daunting task to get the new restaurant ready to open in just ten days. However, thanks to his motto of never giving up, he was able to pull it off seamlesslyThe Village Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The huge breakfast portions are fantastic, featuring omelettes with crispy hash browns on the side. All the breads, including whole wheat and sourdough, are house made daily. Other popular items include the cheeseburger and also the steak fries. There are a nice selection of salads, including a big tostada salad. Italian favorites include fettucine alfredo and chicken piccata.  The Village Grill is located in the Evergreen Village Square. The bar features beer and wine. There are about 20 tables inside and an additional 6 on the pooch amenable patio. The service in this family friendly restaurant is warm and hospitable. Jorge wants everyone to leave with a smile on their face.

4075 Evergreen Village Sq.
San Jose, CA 95135