Vinny’s Restaurant Pizza Subs, Carlisle PA | Merchant Profile

Taking down home Italian cuisine and holding it to a higher standard, Vinnyís Restaurant Pizza & Subs takes their menu items and prioritizes their focus on providing the real deal with no fabrications. Doing so flawlessly, they provide one of the most genuine, trustworthy experiences possible, and the family oriented business is prevalent in the dining experience from top to bottom. The Mazzamuto family have encapsulated the true family restaurant to the utmost degree, having each and every aspect come from an honest and trustworthy standpoint. The food can certainly attest to this, having been a widely notorious go-to for a longstanding period of time. Vinnyís simply outshines any chain, and is held in high regard for obvious reasons, making it a must while in the area.The Pizzas are an obvious fan favorite, crafting their sauces in house, and using fresh ingredients and cheeses to bring everything full circle. The option to craft your own pie is always available, but the signature options hit the nail on the head as well. The Manís Pizza is every meat loverís dream, crafted with Bacon, Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Sausage, and Extra Cheese. The White Pizzas are also a savory option worth indulging in, made with Ricotta and Mozzarella, a perfect blend that hits the spot every time. Vinnyís also offers an array of Subs as well as salads, the team at the restaurant are always seeking to adhere to everyone’s taste and are always raising the bar on their remarkable concept. For dinner, the Chicken Parmesan is a classic choice, but no matter the instance, the restaurant simply has something for everyone. Having a from scratch kitchen and a team that believes in their endeavor creates a heightened experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The history combined with the fresh ingredients make Vinnyís an obvious choice and are sure to satisfy all Italian cuisine needs while in the Carlisle area.

330 S Hanover St.
Carlisle, PA 17013