Vintage Bar and Grill, Abington PA | Merchant Profile

Cozily nested in Abington, Vintage Bar and Grill has become a cornerstone of the community providing an upscale experience paired with a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food. The owners Sean and Pat Casey have sought to bring a high end experience with an affordable price and have done so seamlessly. The restaurant has been around for thirteen years, solidifying itself as a staple in Abington. Stopping in guarantees a memorable experience, and while in the area is a must. From top to bottom, the menu options are top notch, taking what would normally be expected and raising the bar. Vintage offers excellent bar food as well as cuisine one would expect from an upscale restaurant. To start, the Buffalo Wings come highly reccomended, put on the grill to provide a distinct, signature taste. The Creole French Fries are also worth a try, lightly seasoned Cajun style, served with a side of Sharp Cheddar Cheese dipping sauce. What Vintage Bar and Grill has sought to do is take high end style food and incorporate it into a bar menu and the result is nothing short of impressive.The entrees are where the restaurant really shines, and it is clear why customers return time after time. The Filet Mignon comes highly regarded, cooked to perfection and served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Spinach topped off with their very own Red Wine Sauce and frizzled onions. The Norwegian Salmon is also a prime choice, served grilled or blackened over Spinach with a Fennel Chicken Broth reduction, finished off with Sun Dried Tomato and Grilled Onion. People come far and wide to indulge in their burgers, made from top choice Angus Beef. Whether it is the Black Angus, Bacon and Blue, or the Bacon and Cheddar, each Burger is absolutely satisfying. Everything is made in house ensuring the best experience for each customer and the utmost satisfaction.The service is very personable and the staff treats the customers as guests, making the opportunity to give Vintage Bar and Grill a try hard to pass up. The team is very proud of their food and take the extra step in providing the customers the best experience possible. The interior is warm and welcoming, and the restaurant also has a deck for patrons to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Bringing everything full circle, they also serve Beer, Wine, and various Cocktail options. The Lunch Specials and Combo Meals are a steal and make it all the more reason to give Vintage Bar and Grill a try while in Abington.

1116 Old York Rd.
Abington, PA 19001