Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro, Farmingdale NY | Merchant Profile

Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro has been a bar since the 1950ís but was opened by Jeff Rumman in the winter of 2015. It is located in Farmingdale, New York and has a central location, making it the hub of foot and driving traffic.Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro puts a spin on traditional dishes in order to make unique dishes that can only be found here. Some of the most popular dishes are ìBlue Cheese Chicken Ballsî and ìLobster Mac Ní Cheese.î These dishes present unique flavors that customers cannot experience elsewhere.In addition to a large variety of food selection, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro has an extensive wine and beer selection. They have 50 different types of wine from all across the country, and they have 15-20 different types of craft beers. They also have other drink options such as cocktails, margaritas and martinis. Fan favorites are the ìSpicy JalepeÒo Margaritaî and the ìMango Tango Martini.î These fun drinks add to making dining at Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro a good choice for a date or even a business meeting. There is a relaxed, comfortable environment that is good for any type of occasion.In the summertime, there will be outdoor seating offered as an option for customers. There are catering services, as well as takeout options too. Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro can hold large events such as engagement parties, graduation parties, bridal showers and more. The versatility of this restaurant makes for a pleasurable dining experience for all tastes.

185 Main Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735