Vital A Tea, Riverhead NY | Merchant Profile

Carolyn Poncato started drinking red teas after her mother passed away in 2006. She did not want to have to start antidepressants and believed the natural way was the best way. Four years later when she was diagnosed with cancer, instead of taking painkillers, Carolyn took holy basil. At this time, she also focused on juicing, teas, and going to yoga school, where she was introduced to Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine.  At Vital A Tea, Carolyn heals through the five senses with her oils, beautiful teas, juices, and smoothies. One of Carolynís favorite teas is the Sweet Almond Wildberry. The black tea does not have any sugar and the taste is beautiful and light. Another love is Rose Hips; Carolyn adds a lot of vitamin C to the tea so you are not only relaxing and enjoying the experience, but also being nourished through the smell, music, and vitamins. At Vital A Tea, Carolyn tries to offer two different soups per day. Current customer favorites include the Butternut Squash and Chicken Noodle Soup. The Chicken Salad and Cheese & Crackers is also popular. ìThe menu alternate all the time, I like to cook for the weather,î explained Carolyn. In the summer, she makes cold, raw soups with ice teas. Carolyn makes a beautiful cucumber mint guayusa soup. At Vital A Tea, Carolyn offers small group yoga classes and ongoing meditation classes. Vital A Tea is very uplifting, bright, and will instantly make you feel happier and relaxed upon entering. Carolyn has a sale wall where everything is available for purchase and is reasonably priced. You can get everything you need to enjoy her loose leaf teas at home, and the teas are sold by the quarter pound. Travelers – no worries! Anything you purchase at Vital A Tea can be shipped to your home!Vital A Tea also offers smoothies in the summer, beautiful chocolates to pair with your teas, and healthy shots. Periodically Carolyn will have chocolate and tea tastings, so you can see how different each tea tastes hot and cold!

49 E Main St
Riverhead, NY 11901