Waffles Cafe, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Waffles Cafe was established on August 8th, 2011. Waffle mastermind Alex Hernandez came from a fine dining background. A developer approached him to open an upscale Japanese restaurant in their project, but the more Alex looked into the space, the more he realized the neighborhood could use a great breakfast place.  Alex, lover of waffles, started playing around with some waffle ideas, and instead of limiting himself to just sweet waffles, he reached out to savory ones as well. Try the ëMexican Chocolate Waffleí, a house Brussels waffle with Mexican chocolate inside that has a cinnamon and nutmeg flavor to it. Paired with vanilla sauce and candied orange peel, people go crazy for this delicacy. The ëRed Velvet Waffleí is another popular choice among those with a sweet tooth; a play on the traditional red velvet cake, topped with whipped cream cheese, candied walnuts, and fresh strawberries. Want to try the savory side? Go for the ëWaffles Benedictí, two cornbread waffles topped with braised pork shoulder, poached eggs, and a spicy hollandaise sauce.Although Waffles Cafe mainly focuses on breakfast and lunch food, they are now reaching into dinner service. Wanting to stay within the waffles idea, they played around with the fried chicken for the ëChicken & Wafflesí. Instead of the traditional bread crumb coating, they now dip their chicken in waffle batter and coat it with their ground up waffles. It ends up being a sweeter, chunkier type of breading that is absolutely amazing.Waffles Cafe is home to the ëWonutí. This combination of a waffle and a donut went viral and has been featured in many TV shows and foodie magazines. They have about twelve different Wonut flavors, two being gluten-free. A mini waffle is glazed or sugared depending on the flavor, and Waffles Cafe makes about 500 Wonuts a day! They are a must-try indulgence!

203 E Ohio St
Chicago, IL 60611