Walia Ethiopian Cuisine, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Ftsum, who goes by Ft for short, owns and operates Walia Ethiopian Cuisine with his brother, mother, and father. When Ft and his brother were in college, their mom had the idea to open a restaurant. They were supportive of her dream but never thought they would be as involved in the restaurant as they are now. They thought their parents would be able to handle it all on their own, but they soon realized that owning a restaurant is a lot of work. After they graduated from college, the four of them got into a partnership together. Walia Ethiopian Cuisine is a casual and intimate family style restaurant. At Walia Ethiopian Cuisine, they really care about the products they are serving. They believe in putting their heart and soul into their food and ensuring it is made with passion and is authentic to Ethiopia. ìWe donít compromise quality to save a little bit of money,î Ft explained. Ft and his family strive to offer the ultimate Ethiopian food experience. Ethiopian food is still foreign to many people but is one of the oldest and healthiest cuisines. Everything served at Walia Ethiopian Cuisine is made from scratch and cooked like they would make it for themselves at home. It is perfect for vegetarians, vegans, or anyone else who is concerned about what they put into their body.The ëVeggie Comboí is by far their most popular dish, a sample platter of five different vegan and vegetarian dishes; red lentils, split peas, collard greens, cabbage, and chickpeas, served on the traditional injera bread. The ëLamb Key Wotí is another customer favorite; a stew made from lamb and red chili sauce that is immensely flavorful. The ëKitfoí is another popular dish; finely chopped prime and lean beef mixed with butter traditionally served raw but can also be ordered medium or well done. Walia Ethiopian Cuisine also offers a few Ethiopian beers and wine. Tej, also known as honey wine, has a wonderful flavor that really compliments the food. Give Walia Ethiopian Cuisine a try! Enjoy a great meal with family and friends for a social and intimate dining experience.

2208 Business Cir
San Jose, CA 95128