Washington Street Catering & Cafe, Concord NH | Merchant Profile

John and Marie Hanna started Washington Street Cafe and Catering 30 years ago. Their business is successful in both in house dining and their extensive, customizable catering service. In the early 2000s, they switched locations to accommodate catering needs, and have been at their Washington Street location ever since. Rachel Robie is the current general manager and a culinary team member. Washington Street Cafe specializes in innovative food and beautiful presentation.The menu at Washington Street Cafe is mainly Lebanese and American fare, but they have influences from multiple types of cuisine. All of their food is natural, fresh, non-GMO, and made in house. Every morning begins with baking their homemade artisan breads. They are known for their creative specialty sandwiches. Customers love their take on a Reuben, with chipotle mayo and Japanese infused marinated onions. Another popular sandwich is the Foul Play, which is roasted julienned chicken breast, marinated onions, and chipotle mayo, on a ciabatta roll. Rachel recommends their Curry Chicken Salad made with curry chicken, raisins, and walnuts. Washington Street Cafe will soon be open for breakfast and will offer a market to purchase their deli meats and breads.Washington Street Catering can cater anything from casual to upscale events of any size and at any location. They have a liquor license, and are able to offer liquor at their catered events. Their experience includes parties, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, and more. Theyíve served everyone from presidential candidates to sports teams.  For the past four years they have won the CAPPIE Award for catering. Go to their website for a full list of catering guidelines and menus. Check out Washington Street Cafe and Catering for fresh food and endless catering options!

88 Washington st
Concord, NH 03301