Wauconda Cafe, Wauconda IL | Merchant Profile

Wauconda Restaurant and Cafe was opened in the spring of 2015 in Wauconda, IL. Owner John moved to Wauconda from Indiana because he fell in love with the small town feel and wanted to continue that feeling within his own restaurant. This cafe serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and is homestyle cooking. All flavorings and sauces are homemade and are unique to the restaurant.Wauconda Restaurant and Cafe has a classic breakfast menu that offers a variety of eggs, benedicts, and omelettes. Their lunch and dinner menus are quite extensive and provide so many options that all customers are guaranteed to find a dish that has their mouths watering. There is also a Weight Watchers section on the menu for those looking for lighter and healthier meals. Some of this cafeís most popular dishes are its Quinoa Salad with Salmon. The salads are known for their generous portion sizes and are a fan favorite at the restaurant. Also, the slow-roasted Half Slab of BBQ Ribs and Center Cut 13 inî pork chops are quite popular among customers. The homemade sauces add a special flair to these dishes and have customers coming in multiple times each day.The small-town feel of the town is evident in Wauconda Restaurant and Cafe in that many customers are greeted by name and know the waitstaff by name as well. Most of Johnís family members also work in the restaurant and add to the family feel. Teamwork is an essential part to the success of this restaurant and without his family and employees, John claims the restaurant would not be as successful as it is.Wauconda Restaurant and Cafe prides itself on its large portions for a good price, as well as the idea that ìeveryone leaves happy.î This homestyle restaurant is a great place to dine at and will have its customers leaving satisfied.

405 W Liberty St
Wauconda, IL 60084