Webb Custom Kitchen, Gastonia NC | Merchant Profile

Located in Gastonia, North Carolina, Webb Custom Kitchen is set in a historic building that was once a theatre, now turned into a fine dining experience. Still delivering a theatre aspect to this very day, the restaurant shows old movies during dining hours, and presents an ambiance very nostalgic to what the building used to be. Adorned with drapes that are blue velvet, the restaurant follows the ìart decoî period that it once was after the location was built in 1927. Webb Custom Kitchen is able to provide an experience before the food even arrives, and creates memories that are sure to impress.The Kitchen makes all of their food from scratch, and prides themselves on their excellent menu filled with fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Owners Jim and Spencer make sure their customers are taken care of and provide an experience they will not forget. If there is something not on the menu, they will seek to amend it to keep their customers satisfied. The restaurant includes a full bar that changes color whether it is red for Valentines Day, or pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Along with that, the building features balcony seating.The main priority for Jim and Spencer was to create a culinary driven restaurant, and they achieved that successfully. His staff is trained to offer suggestions for things that customers may have never tried before, and provide delicious courses that will keep them returning. They serve a delicious side order of Duck Fried Rice that is made with duck confit, the highest quality you can have, garden vegetables, soy chile sauce, and fried rice. They also offer Truffle Fries that pairs very well with a Pinot Noir. The main courses consist of a Slow Roasted Prime Rib, as well as Pan Seared Lobster. Other dishes include Port City Crab Cakes, with a lemon coriander butter sauce, as well as a Crab Stuffed Carolina Trout.Owners Jim and Spencer have created a location that brings a sense of familiarity combined with an inviting nature, and excellent food. The establishment has walls lined with old torch lamps that are reminiscent of something you would see in a theatre of that age, along with Edison light bulbs. Everything in the restaurant is new with an added touch of history and is not pretentious by any means. Located at 182 S. South Street, Webb Custom Kitchen is a must visit location while in the Gastonia area.

182 S. South Street
Gastonia, NC 28052