Weezie’s Gluten Free Kitchen, Oakland Park FL | Merchant Profile

Putting quality and freshness to the forefront, Weezieís Gluten Free Kitchen puts a genuine care and consistency as a top priority and takes a stance on providing the best of the best for their customers. Owner Louise Dutton has taken a genuine passion in providing the area with something that is much needed with fresh food that caters to all walks of life. Whether it is Celiac, gluten intolerance, being vegan, or none of the above, Louise has something for everyone and takes pride in her ability to provide the best of the best on a regular basis. Having been diagnosed with Celiac herself eight years ago, she takes an honest approach in providing something for people that have trouble finding food that can adhere to their bodyís needs. In doing so, she has become widely notorious in her efforts, and her homemade dishes come in high regard, making her restaurant a must while in the area. Taking the time and care while not cutting any corners, Louise has meticulously crafted her menu and she has put her full fledged effort into creating options that do not sacrifice in flavor and she has hit the nail on the head. After a year of developing her own recipe for bread, she was able to make a gluten free option that tastes identical, if not better than bread with gluten in it. She gained rapid success off her bread and started her own kitchen, translating it into what it is now due to popular demand. The Burgers are a popular selection, all crafted from organic grass-fed cattle. The restaurant also offers Turkey Burger options as well as Vegetarian options like their Falafel Burger. The Sandwich options also come widely popular, using the freshest of the fresh from top to bottom. The Weezie-Wich is a signature option worth indulging in, made with Hydroponic Lettuce, Cucumber Avocado, Tomato, and their special house seasoning. The Quiche is also very popular as well as the fresh Cinnamon Rolls, and their Pancakes and Waffles. No matter the instance, Louise has something for everyone and prides herself on not just focusing on one walk of life. She has sought to provide a heightened experience and she has done so perfectly, making her cuisine a must have while in the area.

1321 E Commercial Blvd.
Oakland Park, FL 33334