West Egg Cafe, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The West Egg CafÈ has been a staple diner in Chicago since 1988. Victor Fermin has owned it since the beginning and continues his tradition of serving fresh, high-quality food in a warm, family-friendly environment. Victor has worked in the food industry since he was thirteen years old and has exceptional experience and knowledge about the business. The West Egg CafÈ is best known for their delicious breakfast food that is created with Italian, Greek, and Tex-Mex influences. One of their most popular dishes is the Albuquerque Turkey Benedict. Itís a southwestern take on the traditional eggs benedict that comes with avocado slices, shaved turkey breast and poached eggs stacked on English muffins and covered with hollandaise sauce. Another one of their top dishes is Huevos Rancheros ìOur Wayî. The dish starts with fresh corn tortillas layered with two eggs and is topped with salsa, chorizo, melted cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. One of West Egg CafÈís signature dishes is their Crunchberry Pancakes. They use 33% wheat flour and fresh blueberries, and then mix in granola for the perfect crunch in every bite. West Egg CafÈ even makes gourmet blueberry and cashew pancakes to satisfy every pallet. You canít go wrong with any dish off of West Egg CafÈís menu because theyíre all so flavorful and unique! They even offer healthy options to pick from as well. Victor attributes the success of the West Egg CafÈ to consistency. The chefs and staff are almost all original members from when the restaurant first opened. They are experts in creating consistent dishes and providing great customer service to every guest. The core menu has not changed at the West Egg CafÈ, so meals that customers enjoyed at the CafÈís beginning are still available today. The West Egg CafÈ has become a generational restaurant because many families come back with new additions to the family to share the great food and experience. West Egg CafÈ has large windows and tall ceilings to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. They are located at East Ontario and Fairbanks, right next to the shopping district of Michigan Ave. Carry-out and local delivery is also available. Make sure to visit the West Egg CafÈ today in order to experience amazing food served by friendly faces!

620 N Fairbanks Ct
Chicago, IL 60611