West Manchester Diner, York PA | Merchant Profile

Taking classic diner food and holding it to a higher standard, West Manchester Diner elevates the entire concept to new heights, offering the best of the best while in the area. Owner Tom Tobia has been in the industry for an extensive amount of time, using his culinary expertise to fuel the cozily niched diner. Having perfected the craft seamlessly, Tom has been able to provide a menu that simply raises the bar on what normally would be expected from a diner, putting quality and consistency at the forefront. The food is all fresh and made in house ensuring the best of the best, and Tomís full effort put into the experience can attest to the widespread popularity West Manchester Diner has gained in the past three years. The from scratch kitchen puts quality above all else, sourcing ingredients locally and doesn’t cut corners in making their widely renowned dishes. The Steak & Eggs are items worth trying, offering several different options like the Sirloin, Black Diamond, or Virginia Ham, all served with Two Eggs. The Baked Oatmeal is reason enough to come in and give the diner a try, offering toppings of seasonal fruits whether that be Blueberries, Peaches, Raspberries, or Strawberries. The lunch options also hit the nail on the head, offering signature Burgers, Club Sandwiches, as well as Paninis that have customers returning time after time.No matter the instance, the diner has something for everyone, always seeking to adhere to all tastes. In doing so, the location has gained widespread notoriety, simply for the down home comfort food paired with a homey vibe. The menu items provide a nostalgia similar to home, and Tomís meticulous effort in providing a clean, hospitable, well known diner is nothing short of impressive. Stopping in not only ensures a quality, satisfying experience, but also a memorable one, making is must while in the area.

930 Carlisle Rd.
York, PA 17404