When it Comes to Benefits, What Matters Most to Your Employees?

Competitive pay, an engaging work culture, and employee incentives are all great ways to keep employees engaged and excited about work, but there’s more to consider to ensure your best and brightest stay put. Today, the job market is an extremely competitive place for both potential applicants and current employees. Every employer wants to hire and hold onto top talent, but what are some of the determining factors in accepting an offer and staying at the job? It turns out that top-of-the-line employee benefits play a large role when deciding what kind of organization to work for.

The infographic below – created by Namely, a leader in HR platforms – showcases exactly what employees look for when it comes to benefits. It’s a great resource to utilize in order to help you provide the best benefits for your company and employees. A few major points to take away include:

  • 47% of employee’s say their company’s healthcare program is one of the reasons they stay with the company
  • 80% of employees believe benefits packages influence their overall engagement
  • 57% say they’d be willing to accept a job with lower compensation but a better benefits package

Below is the entire infographic to find out which benefits are the most sought-after by employees.