Whitemarsh Valley Inn, Lafayette Hill PA | Merchant Profile

Cozily niched in the heart of Lafayette Hill, Whitemarsh Valley Inn has become a staple to the community, heralding a household name for locals and visitors alike. Having been around for the past 25 years can attest to the widespread popularity the restaurant has attained, encapsulating a unique, comforting experience that takes dining to the next level. Having such a longstanding prevalence in the area contributes to the quality and consistency the team at the restaurant puts forth. Pair that with the live music, and the entire experience immerses customers into a full fledged dining concept that simply cannot be found anywhere else, making it a must while in the area. The dishes hit the nail on the head, and the restaurant does not cut any corners when crafting their ever so popular items. The Prime Rib is by far the top choice of guests, slow cooked, producing a savory, tender meal time after time. The Lamb also comes in high regard, the Grilled Lamb Chops are crafted with three 3 Ω ounce Baby Lamb Chops served with Bratton Onions, and Mint Jelly, served with Potatoes and Vegetables, or a side of Pasta. The Crab Cakes also come widely notorious, served with zero filler, 100% Crab Meat. No matter the instance, Whitemarsh Valley has something for everyone, and the extensive options are sure to satisfy no matter what. The live entertainment brings everything together, offering an eclectic mix of sounds seven days a week. From Jazz music to comedy routines, Whitemarsh hosts something for everyone in their elegantly decorated venue. The cozy and relaxing environment heightens the experience to the utmost degree, and creates for a memorable experience with each visit. Stopping in guarantees a fantastic dining experience and is worth a visit while in Lafayette Hill.

474 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444