Wishbone, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

The Wishbone Restaurant is located in Lakeview, Chicago and there is another location in the West Loop as well. Wishbone was started in 1990 by two brothers. One of them was the chef and handled the food products while the other handled the managerial process and entrepreneurship side of the business. Wishbone is ìSouthern Reconstructedî cuisine, meaning that it has a modern, healthy, spin on traditional southern comfort food.At Wishbone, all dishes are made from scratch, including sauces and dressings. This gives the restaurant a homey feeling and makes for an enjoyable dining experience. Unlike many other southern style restaurants, their fried chicken is not their best-selling dish. Instead, their pulled pork, crab cakes, and smoked brisket are the most frequently ordered dishes. This separates Wishbone from other restaurants and makes them more unique.The main goal of Wishbone is to make a lighter, leaner version of the comfort food that oneís grandma would make. Less oil is used and many healthy substitutes are used as well. In doing so they transform the southern style of food and provide a dining experience that could not be found anywhere else.In both locations, there are private dining rooms that can hold small parties and the whole restaurant can be rented out for private events as well. Wishbone takes comfort food to a new level and provides food that will have anyoneís taste buds watering.

Lakeview 3300 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60657