Wok In Wok Out, Colorado Springs CO | Merchant Profile

For eight years, Wok In Wok Out was primarily a carry out restaurant. They only had three tables, but three years ago they expanded to their present size and the business has increased significantly. Now diners are able to enjoy the subtleties of the hybrid Thai and Chinese menu in comfort in the dining room. They can now savor delicious, real food featuring beautiful presentations in the quiet and understated dining room.  It is all about attention to detail at Wok In Wok Out. Only the freshest and best ingredients are called upon to make menu favorites like the yellow and green curry dishes featuring shrimp or chicken. The Chicken Coconut Soup is another Thai inspired delicacy that customers love. The General Tsoís Chicken is a favorite from the Chinese side of the menu. Owner Dara tells us, if it was just about making money they would prepare food differently.They want to provide the best overall customer experience and they are committed to slowly growing their business the right way to best serve the residents of Colorado Springs.

4737 North Carefree Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80917