Wokshop By Xi’an, Los Angeles CA | Merchant Profile

The Wokshop is a restaurant associated with the already-established Xiían name. Xiían is a restaurant that opened twenty-five years ago in the building where the Wokshop is now located. Vicky Mense and Richard Lauter own both restaurants. Six years after opening Xiían, they moved the restaurant to Beverly Hills where it remains today. The Wokshop is a fast, casual version of Xiían, but serves the same level of quality food that Xiían provides in its full-service restaurant. The Wokshop first opened December 4, 2015 and was built on the ìfresh from the farm to the tableî premise. What the Wokshop and Xiían specialize in is taking classic Chinese food and refining it into healthier, nutritious versions. The Wokshop gets all its ingredients from local farmers and ranchers and uses hormone-free meats and produce. They also use significantly less oil and soy than is typically found in Chinese food. The Wokshop is dedicated to creating delicious food at no cost to the healthy lifestyle their customers deserve. Along with using the freshest ingredients, Wokshop also focuses on meeting their customersí dietary restrictions and preferences. They offer many different gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options on their menu of dishes customers with these restrictions traditionally would not be able to experience. The Wokshopís dishes mainly derive from Vickyís family recipes that have been modernized and cultivated to fit our new understanding of health and fitness. Some of the Wokshopís most popular dishes include the Xiían Beef Tenderloin, Crackerjack Crispy Shrimp, and traditional Orange Chicken. The Wokshop also features a wide variety of beers, sakes, and wines to compliment their delicious foods. All dishes are served family-style to be shared between everyone at the table. You will find the same quality of food at the Wokshop as you would at Xiían in Beverly Hills. Even though the Wokshop is set up to be a fast, convenient model of the Xiían restaurant, they do not serve fast food, everything is made fresh to order. Catering is available upon request, but the Wokshopís venue is not large enough to accommodate private events. Vicky and Richard are also actively seeking to open a second Wokshop soon to continue bringing healthy Chinese food to more people. The Wokshop is a must-stop for anyone who loves delicious, traditional Chinese food with the added bonus that it is cooked in a health-conscious environment!

2958 N Beverly Glen Cir
Los Angeles, CA 90077