Won Kow Restaurant, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Won Kow Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Chinatown built in 1928. The current owner, Peter, has owned it for the past twenty-five years and not much has changed since its original opening in 1928. Peter was born and raised in China and came to America sixty-five years ago. Before owning Won Kow, Peter owned two other restaurants, always having his hands in the restaurant business growing up. Won Kow serves traditional Chinese food from both the Northern and Southern regions of China meaning you can find both sweet and spicy dishes here. Their food is well known in Chinatown and they have gained an excellent reputation within the community. Won Kow does offer catering for special events or parties, but does not serve the food at those events. Their food is delicious and extremely authentic, appealing to those young and old. The restaurantís atheistic is rustic and traditional with guardian dragons carved into its faÁade. Be sure to visit Won Kow restaurant to completely immerse yourself in the Chinese culture through their beautiful atmosphere and incredible, authentic cuisine.

2237 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616