Wonju, Monterey CA | Merchant Profile

Taking classic Korean cuisine and elevating it to new heights, Wonju has impressively taken over the New Monterey area, become notorious for their rich and flavorful cuisine. Owners Huikyong and Robert have held their restaurant to a higher standard, crafting everything in a genuine, meticulous manner to ensure the best of the best for their customers. Having been open since 1996, the location has earned its niche as a cornerstone in the area, and the longstanding time it has been around can attest to the popularity and praise it has received. Having been a waitress for some time when she came to the state’s, Huikyong has learned the industry from top to bottom and has used that as fuel to power Wonju.The dishes are all fresh, crafting each selection from locally sourced produce and are made to order promising consistency and quality with each visit. Huikyong comes from Wonju, and the true authenticity comes with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. The Dae Gi Bul Go Gi is a popular option, a spicy pork marinated in a house made special sauce. Another option worth trying is the Kimchi Soup as well as the Miso Soup, using the darkest available Miso for a more robust flavor for customers to indulge in. No matter the instance, the restaurant has something for everyone, and is always seeking to adhere to all palates.Having won ìBest Ofî for Korean restaurants in 2004 as well as receiving high praise from the Monterey Herald, the accolades speak for themselves in what Wonju is able to offer. The flavor is prevalent in each dish, hosting a true authentic flavor in a heightened manner. Simply being the best Korean restaurant in the area is reason enough to stop in and give the menu options a try, always providing a quality and memorable experience.

570 Lighthouse Ave.
Monterey, CA 93940