Wyler Road, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Wyler Road is a comfy beer and sandwich restaurant that opened in Chicago in July of 2015. It is owned by Jered Gummere and several of his partners who also happen to own a sister-restaurant in Milwaukee called The Vanguard. The Executive Chef at The Vanguard actually created the original menu for Wyler Road. The owners at Wyler Road made sure to have a quiet opening in order to allow the neighborhood to come in and check the restaurant out before they advertised and drew in larger crowds. They really wanted to embrace the community and provide them a relaxed, fun restaurant. Wyler Roadís best-seller is their Reuben Sandwich served hot with corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and bread and butter pickles on cocktail rye bread. Since the menu was created in Wisconsin, the food at Wyler Road includes many Wisconsin staples and influences, such as the ever-popular Cheese Curds. Many items on the menu can also be made vegetarian or vegan upon request. The most popular vegan dish at Wyler Road is their Fried Tofu Sandwich served with grilled leek, sweet and sour Szechuan chili, and sweet potato sticks on Batard bread. Wyler Road also offers gluten-free bread to accommodate customers with gluten-free needs. Donít miss out on all the great drinks Wyler Road has to offer as well. They have a wide array of draft beers and cocktails as well as some wine and fun floats. The restaurant can hold up to ninety-nine people and makes for a great spot to grab lunch with friends. Wyler Road also has a friendly and attentive staff, adding to its warm and welcoming atmosphere. If youíre looking for a delicious, upscale sandwich paired with the perfect beer, look no further than Wyler Road! 

3581 W Belden Ave
Chicago, IL 60647