Yalla! Grill, Methuen MA | Merchant Profile

Taking authentic Lebanese and raising it to new heights, Yalla Grill hits the nail on the head when providing top notch dishes for customers to indulge in. The family owned restaurant holds their experience to a higher standard, always putting quality and consistency at the forefront. Doing so flawlessly the elegantly set atmosphere paired with the fresh homemade foods provide an experience that can only be found at this location. The tightly knit communal vibe that the restaurant lends can attest to the family oriented experience Yalla is able to provide. The food is always fresh, and the warm welcoming environment makes Yalla grill a must while in the Methuen area. From top to bottom, Yalla has something to adhere to everyoneís palate and the use of the finest ingredients ensure a quality and genuine experience time after time. The Yalla Letís Mezza Plate is an eclectic dish that allows sharing among friends and family, and is certainly worth indulging in. The plate is comprised of Tabbouleh, Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Veggie Grape Leaves, and Falafel. Another combination plate worth trying, the Mix on the Grill, is made of two Beef Tenderloin Kabobs, two Kafta Kabobs, two Chicken, and two Lamb Kabobs, paired with French fries or Rice and a Side Salad. The communal experience that these dishes deliver immerses customers into a social aspect where they can indulge in different dishes. To bring everything full circle the Taste of Beirut Ashta is a delicious dessert crafted with Lebanese Cream, topped with Honey and Pistachios. The treat is amazing and is reason enough to stop in and give the Yalla experience a try. The wraps are also classic dishes worth trying, the Chicken and Beef Shawarma being top picks for customers regularly. No matter the instance, the fresh dishes lend a true sense to what authentic Lebanese represents and while in the area will provide a memorable and satisfying dining experience.

169 Merrimack St.
Methuen, MA 01844