Yamato Ramen and Izakaya, New York NY | Merchant Profile

Taking authentic cuisine to a whole new level, Yamato Ramen and Izakaya has completely enveloped the cultural aesthetic to the highest degree. Literally breaking it down to a science, owner Kenneth Yin has meticulously studied the field and does not lack in paying close attention to detail with his menu options. Heralding from the Yamato Ramen School in Japan, Kenneth has taken the cuisine and holds it to the highest standard, crafting not only in a qualitative manner, but in a serious adherence to the culture. In doing so, he has enveloped the best of the best when it comes to providing something that is by no means a replication, but above all else, something that immerses guests into the heart of Japan.The passion for the cuisine is prevalent in the concept from top to bottom, Kennethís style does not lack in any category, and each dish hits the nail on the head in all areas possible. Having managed ten different restaurants and owned about half of them, his knowledge in the industry is translated into the experience that has been provided. Their Signature Ramen is an obvious option worth indulging in, crafted with their housemade broth that takes eight hours to create, blended with a Japanese sea salt. The dish is then topped with Yamatoís signature grilled pork, famous tamago, and Takana Benishoga Kikurage. The dish is ramen on an elevated level and outdoes the competition in all categories. For the lovers of a spicy meal, the Spicy Tonkotsu is comprised of a creamy pork broth with spicy miso sauce, topped with homemade Cha Shu pork, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots, fresh scallions, kikurage takana nori, leeks, seaweed, fungus mushroom and sesame seeds. To bring it all full circle, the location hosts an array of Japanese beers, a wide range of saki, as well as American wines for guests to pair with their meals. Paying homage to the school he went to, Kenneth has certainly outdone himself with this concept, making it a must while in New York.

542 3rd Ave.
New York, NY 10016